Vision and Mission


All students will be prepared and engaged in tonebrae21st Century learning in a positive and supportive environment.


To provide an academic foundation for all Stonebrae students and create a positive learning experience in a way that motivates and encourages creativity in students to realize their potential so that they are well prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

Husky Rules

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

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September 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  We are excited about the year ahead of us and welcome all families to Stonebrae School. Together we will provide a quality educational program for your child in an atmosphere where each child is valued and treated respectfully.



Pick up your child on time on minimum days.



Drop off and pick up are in front of the School in the parking lot area.  You are to pull up to the curb, children leave or enter your vehicle, then you can continue on your way.  If you need to park to go into the office, there will be parking spaces labeled for visitors.  There are no cars allowed in the bus drop off area.  This is a safety issue for our children.  There are several buses that drop off and pick up students.  They need access to that area at all times.  We cannot have cars or children walking in that area.           



In your Parent/Student Handbook is a copy of Stonebrae School’s daily schedule.  Please note that every Wednesday and minimum days are shortened days for grades 1 - 6.  Students in grade 1 – 6 dismiss at 1:00 PM.  Children MUST be picked up on time.  School always starts at 8:15.



It is important for your child/ren to be in school on time every day.  When students are absent or arrive late, they miss instruction time with their teacher.  Even if they are given the missed work, the instruction time that is lost can affect their school performance.  When they arrive late, they miss instruction and time to settle into the day with their class.  Good attendance is an important part of your child/ren’s educational experience.



Districts no longer receive funding from the State of California for pupils who are absent from school.  THIS INCLUDES ALL absences, even those related to illness, medical or doctor appointments, or funeral services for family members.  Our schools will receive funding ONLY for those students WHO ACTUALLY ATTEND SCHOOL.


Your children’s attendance is very important.  Studies show that students can learn more effectively and earn better grades when they are in class every day.  Their attendance, for all or even a part of a day, also allows their school to receive money from the state to finance the educational services they need.  We encourage you, as parents and guardians, to make every effort to send your child to school on time every day. 


If your child is absent, please call the school in the morning: 723-3910, option 9 for Attendance.  When your student returns to school, send a note explaining the reason for the absence.  If your child has a dentist/doctor’s appointment, bring back a note from their office to excuse the tardy or absence.


Children who are tardy more than three times will receive detention and their names will automatically go into the district attendance computer where they will be reviewed and letters will be sent by our Child Welfare and Attendance Office requesting a meeting with their staff and parents.


If your child has a medical appointment or other reasons besides illness to be absent from school, please try to make arrangements so the child is able to spend at least part of the day in class.  By attending even some of the school day, your child will not be counted absent or miss out on important assignments from the teacher.  We want to avoid unnecessary absences that limit your child’s opportunity to learn or reduce the district’s financial resources.


Thank you for your support and cooperation!



It is necessary that your child be picked up on time.  This eliminates the panic in children and concern in the office for your child’s safety.  If, in an emergency, you cannot pick up your child on time, please call the office to inform us.  Children should not wait for parents on the play yard or in front/back of the school, on Hayward Blvd. or at the park for extended periods of time.  This creates a dangerous situation for your child when all children leave and he/she has not been picked up and is waiting alone to be picked up. We provide supervision in front of the school and at the bus pick up area, so children should wait in front of the school for their rides.   Make sure that your child/ren know what they are to do after school BEFORE they leave the house in the morning.  Make plans with your child/ren as to what they are to do if it rains.  Phone calls are to be limited to emergencies and students are not allowed to call home every day when it rains to ask if they should walk home or will be picked up.  The school only has a limited number of outside telephone lines for the entire school; otherwise, this would not be a problem.  Please assist us and make plans with your child in advance.



Communication between the school and the family is a vital part of your child/ren’s education.  Please be sure to read each month’s Newsletter and any notices/letters that come home with your child/ren.  If you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, please call the school at 723-3910 then the classroom extension, which is 322 + room number, or send a note to the teacher to set up an appointment.  This will allow you and the teacher to set a time when you can talk without interruptions.



Emergency and Disaster Cards are going home in your packets with your child.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you fill these cards out IMMEDIATELY and return them to your child’s teacher BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15. We cannot stress the importance of returning these cards due to the fact that in an emergency situation every second counts.  Time spent looking through a student’s registration because we do not have an emergency card can waste valuable time.  Please make sure that all information is accurate and that we have the names and numbers of MORE THAN TWO people to contact at all times and more than two different phone numbers.  During the year, if you have any changes in address, phone number, emergency contact numbers, pagers, etc. PLEASE notify the office immediately so that we can place these numbers on your child/ren’s emergency card on file in the office.



Free/Reduced Meal Forms MUST BE FILLED OUT YEARLY by all families!  If you have already received one in the mail please return it to your child’s teacher immediately or return the form previously received.  If you received a letter from Child Nutrition stating your child’s status, your child is automatically receiving free/reduced meals for this year.


School lunches are $2.00 and may be paid for in the Cafeteria or online weekly or monthly.



Stonebrae School is offering a breakfast program for students.  Breakfast will be served from 7:55 am – 8:15 am.  The cost is $1.00 per student; those who receive free lunch qualify for free breakfast.  Students will be kept in the multi-purpose room until there is supervision on the yard.  They will then be dismissed to the playground.



The Stonebrae School Handbook is available on the school website.  Please read and review with your child/ren, sign and return the tear-off portion to your child’s teacher.  If you need a hard copy, please notify the school office at 723-3910.



Stonebrae School’s website is up and running. Please check it for news about our school.  To access it, go to the Hayward Unified School District website at  From there, go to Elementary Schools, then to Stonebrae.



Stonebrae’s 2017-2018 Back To School Night is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  This is a time for parents to visit classrooms, to meet teachers, and to be informed about your child’s educational program and standards and expectations for the school year.  This is a parent/teacher night only.   



Look for the Stonebrae Newsletter no later than the end of the first week of each month.  If you do not receive one, ask your child to stop by the office and pick one up.  Have a great year at Stonebrae School!  Please contact us if you have any questions at 723-3910.


Stonebrae Parent Corner

My child is in his last year at Stonebrae.  If you are interested in taking over the Stonebrae Parent Corner, please contact me at


Kudos to --

  • From Deborah Kuehner:  Thank you to the many, many parents who donated food and drink to the Teacher and Staff Appreciation events in May, 2017. You all provided a great breakfast and lunch, and lots of tasty treats! And, a special thank you to the following for help with decorating, set up, clean up, and other above-and-beyond help: Ling Garrison, Abby Garrison, Megan Garrison, Maude Carreon, Deborah Trudell, Jill Peters, Emily Chen, Samantha Podborny, Derrick Lobo, Maryann Lobo, Kimi Tom, Lauren Tom, Dan Kuehner, Miriam Kuehner, and Joanna Kuehner. 
  • The Adults who followed directions, parked properly, and were gracious to parents, teachers, administrators, staff and nearby neighborhoods on the first day of school.  
  • Sabrina Ayllon and Maryann Lobo who spearheaded sneak peak.
  • The 2017-2018 PTA Board:


ELECTED POSITIONS:                         BOARD MEMBERS:


President*                                                    Sabrina Ayllon

Treasurer*                                                    Palwasha Talib

Secretary*                                                    Dominique Bobineaux


Financial Secretary                                        Greg Swarts

Auditor                                                         Andy Wong

Historian                                                       Jessica Howard


VP Activities                                                 Shaquisha Odusoga

VP Outreach (Executive VP)                          Vanessa Lew

VP Fundraising                                             Jimmy Zhang

VP Watch DOGS                                            Neil Archibald


*required positions 


Did you know --

  • 2017-18 school bus pass costs $100 for a one-way pass and $200 for a round-trip pass. Passes and payment plans available at the Parent Resource Center located at 24823 Soto Road, Room 15.
  • To volunteer in the classroom or for activities outside the classroom, please complete the volunteer form (available in the office), then bring the completed volunteer form and TB test results to the school office.  Once turned into the office, then you must be fingerprinted at the HUSD office.  Once you are fingerprinted, you will not have to repeat it within HUSD.  
  • Homework help for K-12th grade:  Hayward main library and the Weekes branch provide homework help Monday through Wednesday from 3:30-5:30 pm and Thursday 3-4:30 pm.
  • Internet homework help is available seven days a week from 1 pm to 10 pm.  Go to  Have your Hayward Public library card handy.
  • Reflections Theme is Within Reach.  The categories are -- Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts.  
  • To stay current with the new downtown library, go to

Help needed --

We are seeking corporate sponsors for the Walkathon.  If you are willing to secure them, or willing to be a corporate sponsor, please contact Sonja at


Around town --

  • Every Sunday in September, 1 pm to 5 pm, Music, dancing and chess @ Memorial Park 
  • Mark Koller is the new Hayward Police Chief.
  • Dr. Matt Wayne is the new Superintendent of Hayward Unified School District.
  • September 9th, Noon to 4 pm, Garin Apple Festival.  $5.00 parking fee at the park.
  • September 23rd & 24th, the Oakland Dragon Boat Festival takes place at Lake Merritt.  Don't forget to visit Fairyland.  Public transportation is recommended.

One of many Stonebrae Parents



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Stonebrae Parent Corner

Stonebrae Families:  Join PTA - Contrary to popular belief, membership does not require volunteer hours.


Please, new members sign up to in support of Stonebrae Elementary School  

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BOX TOPS                

The PTA is collecting the Box Tops from the top of food packages.  Please send them to school with your child/ren in a labeled envelope.  Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to save them for you.



Thanks to those who have made a difference to you at school.  Send a note to



Did you know

  • Money raised by collecting Boxtops goes to the school library.  Collect and turn in those boxtops.
  • Stonebrae PTA is a qualified non-profit organization.  Your donations to Stonebrae PTA are tax deductible (503c 56.2608881).  Not interested in buying stuff, give directly to Stonebrae PTA.
  • is a tax-deductible charity (501(c) 3; 13-4129457).  Some of our teachers have posted items they need for the classroom.  Log on to the website.



Stonebrae's Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program District Webpage









PTA Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every month.  Every person who attends is entered into a Raffle.  At the end of the meeting, the person whose name is drawn wins $25 for his/her class of choice!  The more parents who attend the better the chance for your class to win….the next PTA Meeting is scheduled on Thursday, February 9th at 6:30pm at the multipurpose room.  PTA Meetings usually run one hour and free child care is provided.  Meetings are a great way to keep up with school related news and events.  Not sure what it is all about?  Come by on and find out!  

Just a reminder to parents and guardians that in order to help out on campus during school hours or to chaperone field trip you must be a cleared volunteer. If you want to participate in classroom activities such as birthday parties, celebrations and holiday celebrations, you must be cleared volunteer. The process can take up to 6 weeks – so if you would like to help with your classroom Holiday Party in December the first step you need to take is to Stonebrae’s office! DO NOT go to the School District Office first, you will be sent back to Stonebrae.



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Wednesday, December 20 - PTA Watch Dogs Coffee Social

Friday, December 22 - Minimum Day

December 23 to January 7 - Winter Break

Monday, January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day/No Class


School Hours

Bell Schedule 2017-2018




Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri

8:15AM - 12:45PM



8:15AM - 12:45PM


1st Grade - 6th Grade


Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri

8:15AM - 2:45PM



8:15AM - 1:00PM 




School Lunch